Monday, September 1, 2008


After Monday's pickup day and the proverbial back to the drawing board Plan B and exchanges, ladies and gentlemen: our schedule [still subject to change - can it be September already?]

(song of the moment - The Raveonettes - You Want The Candy)

Plus Tard, Tu ComprendrasTHU9/4/0806:00pmRyerson
Waltz with BashirTHU9/4/0809:00pmRyerson
Three Wise MenFRI9/5/0805:30pmAMC 6
Wendy and LucyFRI9/5/0807:45pmAMC 7
ZiftSAT9/6/0809:15amScotiabank 3
Detroit Metal CitySAT9/6/0812:00pmScotiabank 2
Un Ete Sans Point Ni Coup SurSAT9/6/0803:00pmScotiabank 4
Nick and Norah's Infinite PlaylistSAT9/6/0806:00pmRyerson
Katia's SisterSAT9/6/0808:45pmAMC 4
35 RhumsSUN9/7/0809:15amScotiabank 4
The Burning PlainSUN9/7/0809:45amScotiabank 2
La Fille de MonacoSUN9/7/0812:15pmScotiabank 1
Is There Anybody ThereSUN9/7/0803:00pmRyerson
Le Silence de LornaSUN9/7/0806:00pmScotiabank 1
The Hurt LockerMON9/8/0806:00pmRyerson
GiganticMON9/8/0809:45pmIsabel Bader
Nuit de ChienTUE9/9/0806:15pmScotiabank 2
The Brothers BloomTUE9/9/0809:00pmRyerson
What Doesn't Kill YouWED9/10/0806:30pmRyerson
UncertaintyTHU9/11/0806:30pmAMC 6
RevancheTHU9/11/0808:45pmAMC 5
Control Alt DeleteFRI9/12/0806:00pmAMC 1
DeadgirlFRI9/12/0809:00pmAMC 6
The WrestlerSAT9/13/0809:00amRyerson
It Might Get LoudSAT9/13/0812:00pmAMC 6
MartyrsSAT9/13/0804:00pmAMC 3
Once Upon a Time in RioSAT9/13/0807:00pmAMC 3
The Other ManSAT9/13/0809:30pmIsabel Bader

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just in from TIFF - our schedule

Waltz with Bashir THU 9/4/08 09:00pm
Three Wise Men FRI 9/5/08 05:30pm
Wendy and Lucy FRI 9/5/08 07:45pm
Detroit Metal City SAT 9/6/08 12:00pm
Nick and Norah's Infinite... SAT 9/6/08 06:00pm
Katia's Sister SAT 9/6/08 08:45pm
Nick and Norah's Infinite... SUN 9/7/08 09:30am
The Burning Plain SUN 9/7/08 09:45am
La Fille de Monaco SUN 9/7/08 12:15pm
Wendy and Lucy SUN 9/7/08 12:45pm
Le Silence de Lorna SUN 9/7/08 06:00pm
Genova SUN 9/7/08 08:30pm
The Hurt Locker MON 9/8/08 06:00pm
Gigantic MON 9/8/08 09:45pm
Nuit de Chien TUE 9/9/08 06:15pm
The Brothers Bloom TUE 9/9/08 09:00pm
What Doesn't Kill You WED 9/10/08 06:30pm
Good WED 9/10/08 09:15pm
Uncertainty THU 9/11/08 06:30pm
Revanche THU 9/11/08 08:45pm
Control Alt Delete FRI 9/12/08 06:00pm
Deadgirl FRI 9/12/08 09:00pm
The Wrestler SAT 9/13/08 09:00am
Genova SAT 9/13/08 12:00pm
Martyrs SAT 9/13/08 04:00pm
Once Upon a Time in Rio SAT 9/13/08 07:00pm
The Other Man SAT 9/13/08 09:30pm
REGULAR Top up Voucher TUE 9/30/08 11:59pm
REGULAR Top up Voucher TUE 9/30/08 11:59pm
REGULAR Top up Voucher TUE 9/30/08 11:59pm

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